On January 25, 2019, the lectures on the course “Cross-border cooperation as a factor of EU economic development” finished in the EU Barents Centre of PetrSU. Lectures were given in English in the framework of the “Open Module on the European Union” project, carried out with the financial support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

Specialists of the Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences study the issue of solid municipal waste management. The research is done within the framework of PetrSU strategic project “New High Technologies for the Preservation of Unique Natural Environment and Provision of Environmental Safety

From 8 to 9 January 2019, the cinematography school of the Filmmakers Union of the Republic of Karelia hosted a launching seminar of the international project “Promotion of local film capacities for regional development of the bordering territories of the Republic of Karelia and Finland” (KA3008 LOKKI). The participants of the seminar used the Cisco WebEx Cloud conference system.

What are the prospects in the field of international academic exchange open to the guys while studying at PetrSU? Students of Petrozavodsk State University received an answer to this question at a meeting with the staff of the department of international projects and programs and the exchange programs sector.

Head of the international projects sector A.A. Rogozin took part in a series of working meetings with representatives of universities in Hungary.

Associate Professor of Technology and Organization of Construction of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences Elena Grafova took part in the working meeting in the University of East Finland in Joensuu.

On June, 15,16 PetrSU training and recreational centre “Urozero” hosted a seminar for students participating in EU academic mobility programs. The event encompassed a large number of participants from different institutes of Petrozavodsk State University. These were the students about to set off for studying in Hungary, Sweden, Finland and Spain.

In cooperation with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) BSRUN has conducted its annual Forum on June, 7 2018.

"The problems of social well-being of the population in modern conditions are of particular relevance on both sides of the Russian-Finnish border," said Yu.A. Petrovskaya, acting. Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, during the work of the international school for social work.

A two-day seminar was held in Petrozavodsk State University - a meeting dedicated to the issues of "green care". The participants were students and teachers of the three institutes of PetrSU (Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agrotechnologies, Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, and Medical Institute).