Scientific conference of young researchers on the problems of modern Europe


May 2019 PetrSU hosted the annual scientific conference of young researchers on the problems of modern Europe, organized jointly by the Karelian branch of the Association for European Studies and the Barents EU Center.

The event was attended by students of the 2nd and 4th year of study in the field of training "International Relations" and the undergraduate program "History of the Nordic countries."

Presentations were made by Ekaterina Serova (5th year, master's program "History of the Nordic countries") - "The specifics of security perception in Finland (using the example of the law on intelligence)", Evgeny Nikolaev (2 year, "International Relations") - “Finnish Media on the Admission of Crimea to Russia,” Yana Stepanova (2 year, “International Relations”) - “The Arctic Triad: Struggle for Leadership in the Northern Region”, Maria Pimenova (4 year, “International Relations”) - “The rysskräck phenomenon in the modern Swedish media,” Ekaterina Shestakova ( 4 year, "International Relations") - "Cooperation of Petrozavodsk with twin cities from Northern Europe as an instrument for the development of creative social space."

The moderator of the conference was Professor, Yuri Mikhailovich Kilin, Head of the Department of Foreign History, Political Science and International Relations, Chairman of the Karelian Regional Department of AEVIS.

The round table showed a high level of knowledge of PetrSU students on European issues.

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