Study course “Cross-border cooperation as a factor of EU economic development”


On January 25, 2019, the lectures on the course “Cross-border cooperation as a factor of EU economic development” finished in the EU Barents Centre of PetrSU.
Lectures were given in English in the framework of the “Open Module on the European Union” project, carried out with the financial support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The course included such topics as the concept of cross-border cooperation in the present conditions, effect of cross-border cooperation on the socio-economic development of the EU ("neighborhood effect"), euro-region model as a special form of cross-border cooperation, Forms and spheres of cross-border cooperation, Nordic and EU programs. Barents region development, cross-border cooperation between Finland and the Republic of Karelia, Trends in the development of cross-border cooperation in the world.

Lecturer - Oksana Prokhorova, PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chair of Economic Theory and Management

Total amount - 108 academic hours.

Students had the opportunity to practice and improve their knowledge of the language and get information on the subject of the course. The course used an interactive teaching methodology, classes included games and debates. According to the results of training, all students received a course certificate indicating the number of credits (3 ECTS).
Reviews have led to the conclusion that the course has provided useful and new information for both its own and for the professional development of students. Participants praised the new methods of learning. In addition, they have acquired and improved skills that will be useful for their future study and work.

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