Study course "Domestic policy of the European Union: difficulties and ways to overcome them.


Training course "Domestic policy of the European Union: difficulties and ways to overcome them."

May 31, 2019 Barents EU Center completed the course “European Union Domestic Policy: difficulties and ways to overcome them”
Lectures were delivered in English as part of the Open Module for the European Union project, supported by the Erasmus + program.

The course included topics such as:
- The modern decision-making system in the EU and its criticism
- Dynamics of internal relations between EU countries
- Nationalism and Euroscepticism in the European Union
- European Identity and EU Membership Issues: Impact on Politics
- The past and current state of EU policy
- Current EU policy: problems, difficulties and prospects

Lecturer - Oksana Ermolaeva, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Department of Russian History.
The total amount is 108 academic hours.

Students had the opportunity to practice and improve their knowledge of the language and get information on the subject of the course. During the event, an interactive teaching methodology was used, classes included games and debate. According to the results of training, all students received a certificate of the course indicating the number of credits (3 ECTS).
The reviews led to the conclusion that the course provided useful and new information for both students' own and professional development. Participants praised the new teaching methods. In addition, they acquired and improved skills that would be useful for their further training and work.

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